Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where we are now...

I drove to North Carolina a few hours after I found out that Adam had passed away. My dad and I stayed with his parents for several hours, and Brendan played with Kiersten.

My husband and I were there for his funeral, and Kiersten was supposed to be at the house after then ... she never showed up. I was told that Kiersten should have been on her way. After nine o'clock, we had to leave so that my husband cound get to work. I never did see Kiersten.

I called Kiersten's grandparents to discuss her coming to live with me. They hung up the phone on me.

We were at his parents house on Memorial Day. Kiersten was sleeping, so I didn't get to see her then either. We were going to try to take Kiersten home with us, but we couldn't even see her. We had a long discussion with her granddad, and he made it quite clear that he intended on keeping her at all costs.

I have called several times, and only until recently have they not been answering or returning phone calls. After a week, I finally got ahold of Kiersten's grandparents, and they told me that I can't see her until I sign custody papers giving them legal and physical custody of my baby girl.

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