Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How can you help?

If I am going to get my daughter back, I am going to need help.

We had lots of circumstances happen, including replacing three vehicles in three months due to mechanical issues, and we cannot come up with the retainer in any timely fashion at all. We are still paying medical bills from my other children.

These are the needs we are facing:
Prayer needs:
*Kiersten. No matter what happens, she has lost her father.
*wisdom and discernment for the judge in this case.
*God's will to be done.
*comfort and strength for everyone involved in this case - no matter who "wins" there will be a losing side, and it would be nice if it could hurt just a little less.
*peace. This is a very hard situation, and I would like you to pray for peace for this situation. I don't want this to be a bitter battle that does irrevocable damage to the relationship between her grandparents and me.
*my children and husband at home. This is stressful for them, too.

Monetary needs:
*3,000 dollars for the retainer to try to win back my rights.
*1200 dollars to recover the costs that we lost in the scam and repay my parents.
*75 dollars for the visit with the local lawyer here.
*gas money to travel back and forth to court and lawyer appointments - one trip costs a little over 50 dollars.

If you can help monetarily, I have included a button below to donate to a secure paypal account. This account will be monitored *CLOSELY* and this button will be removed once we have made it to our goal. Every little bit helps. Five dollars here and there - if you have a change bucket like I do, I rolled eight dollars in pennies! Anything is so greatly appreciated and would help.

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