Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the last few months

I get to talk to Kiersten about once a month now. I talked to her on Christmas day, and she said Mommy! I miss you! She asked Zola why she can't see us anymore. It was good to talk to her, but so sad to hear her think that we don't want to see her.

I talked to her again in January - I call every week, but they don't answer the phone or return phone calls. When I talked to her, she kept mumbling about hating something ... I finally got my phone turned up high enough to hear her say that she hates the new house and she wants to go back to her old house. She said that they left the old house and aren't going back.

I have had a legal aid lawyer since November ... it took her a month to call me to say that they accepted my case. She must be very busy, because it usually takes a little while to hear back from her. I just got off the phone with her in the middle of my posting, and she said that they never got the paperwork that we sent to her office or anything, and she is still trying to contact their lawyer before she does anything with my case.

I am purchasing a sewing machine soon to start making purses out of placemats for cash. I will post pictures if anyone is interested in them so that I can try to hire the lawyer in Greensboro. I do have to have my wisdom teeth and a couple other molars that cracked removed in the next week or so, so that may slow down my efforts a little.

Please keep praying!