Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday.

Oh, my Little Angel.
You are six today. You should already have started Kindergarten. You haven't seen your baby sister since she turned one. You haven't seen your baby brother, Lee, since he was only a few months old - you may not even have remembered him because you were playing with Brendan.

We called.
There was no answer.
Zola left a message.

We bought a card for you and a Cookie and Dora horse set thing.
You should be getting flowers tomorrow ... due to all the snow and stuff, they wouldn't deliver today ... there will be a bear with it. I hope you like it.
I hope you like the flowers we sent for Christmas.

How do I keep the flood gates from opening?

1yr 8mos 1wk 0days - last seen
0yr 9mos 1wk 5days - last heard

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